CLAUS BÖHMLER´s latest contribution to

KULTUR & GESPENSTER No. 14 – special issue RADIO

The magazine “Kultur & Gespenster” on the subject of radio will be available from autumn 2013.

The texts are dedicated to radio as a haunting medium, electronic presence from telegraphy to television and schizophrenia.

With texts by Ole Frahm, Klemens Gruber, John Mowitt, Patrick Primavesi, Milo Rau, Andreas Stuhlmann and many others, as well as picture series by Simon Logan, Peter Lynen and Claus Böhmler, Wibke Larink, Leonore Mau, Michaela Melián.

Textem Verlag Hamburg

Radioaktiv – Gelbe Musik | C-Print | 30 x 40 cm | 2011