Mixed Media

Photocredits Warhus Rittershaus

Hundeleinenhund, 98 x 99 cm, Mixed Media, 2007.

Rot-Kehlchen, 23,5 x 34,5 cm, Mixed Media, 2004.

Kurze Kunstgeschichte des Fahrrades, 85 x 185 cm, s/w-Grafik auf Leinwand, 2003.

Photocredits Werner Maschmann

Amsel, Drossel, Funk und Star. 68 x 48 cm, Wooden nest box with headphone, 1988.

photocredit: Second Nature, curated by Janet Fong, chi art space Hong Kong, k11artfoundation.org

Milk Can. From the series Caféteria objects. Sheet metal, plastic. 1970